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Wu Tao The Dancing Way

Beginners Class
by Wu Tao International

Dance your way to health!

Classes starting in Plenty of Space!

What is Wu Tao?

Wu Tao is a modern dance modality that reinvigourates our life force (Qi) and restores balance. Based on the proven principles of traditional Chinese medicine, Wu Tao's dances activate and stretchthe pathways in our body through which our energy flows. The dances are learned and then performed to beautiful melodic music. While one is focused on "doing" the routine, the mind becomes still and the body balanced. For people who love beautiful music or dance, or who want to reconnect with nature and their bodies, Wu Tao is the ultimate stress management system and healthy exercise program.

What will I learn in a Wu Tao Beginners Class?

In a Wu Tao Beginners Class we will teach you the 5 core dances of Wu Tao, one per week, culminating in a sequence of 5 dances in week 6. Each dance is grounded in an element of nature and embodies that energy - air, water, wood, fire and earth. These easy to learn dances will enable you to dance with joy to beautiful music and end feeling calmer, "well stretched", envigourated and more in balance. Each class will begin with gentle stretches to re-invigourate your Qi and end with a relaxing meditation.

When and where will the course run?

Sunday 23 July 2017 toSunday 3 September 2017, with the option to continue thereafter.
Classes will be held at Plenty of Space (behind the Little Shop of Plenty) from 10-11am on Sundays.

For more information call Georgina : 0413 963 748.

$120 (6 classes)


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