Goji ‘Caramel’ with Mesquite
& Chia

Goji berries are famous as one of the great longevity foods, super-high in antioxidants to fight free radicals and keep you young, these little red berries also have polysaccharides to boost your immune function. But that’s not all! Goji berries are adaptogenic, that is to say they invigorate & fortify your system and help you to bounce back from the damages of stress. Add mesquite to the equation and you have plenty of protein, fibre & essential minerals... not to mention that seductive sweet caramel aroma... mmmm... it’s the mesquite combined with the dates that give this recipe its moreish caramel taste!!

Medjoool dates
Activated almonds ••
Goji berries
Coconut oil
Mesquite powder
Buckwheat crisps
Chia seed ••
Himalayan salt
denotes certified organic ingredient
•• denotes non-certified chemical free ingredient

Superfudge: Goji 'Caramel' with Mesquite & Chia
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