These delicious rich bars are both a sweet treat & a nutritional energy booster! Made with a base of sticky, fresh medjool dates, activated raw spray-free almonds and a dash of virgin coconut oil, our Superfudge bars satisfy our want for something sweet with the slow burning natural sugars in the dates – no other sweeteners are added – give us a good dose of protein as well as those ‘good fats’ which actually help us to burn fat stored in our bodies.  To top this off we have added wondrous ‘superfood’ ingredients for extra nutrition & maximum health benefit!!


Cacao & Hazelnut Chia Granola

Chia seeds are an amazing complete food, packed with protein, fibre, minerals & Omega 3, famously known as the ‘Aztec running food’.  Eat this for great stamina!  (Or just beacuse you like the chocolate flavour with the granola crunchy bits!!)

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Cacao Orange with Maca

Raw cacao brings plenty of health benefits with its antioxidants and minerals and it’s great teamed up with maca for energy and endocrine balance... not to mention the healthy wonders of whole oranges!!

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Cacao Peppermint with Spirulina

Antioxidant & mineral rich raw cacao teamed with refreshing peppermint – fantastic for perking up your mental alertness! – and, of course, the champion superfood heavyweight, spirulina (the crowd goes wild!!)   This stuff is an amazing complete food, high in all the proteins your body needs & it's loaded with minerals as well.  Eat this for long life, high energy levels & endurance plus freedom from cravings for junk food!!

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Goji ‘Caramel’ with Mesquite & Chia

Goji berries are famous as one of the great longevity foods, super-high in antioxidants to fight free radicals and keep you young, these little red berries also have polysaccharides to boost your immune function. But that’s not all! Goji berries are adaptogenic, that is to say they invigorate & fortify your system and help you to bounce back from the damages of stress. Add mesquite to the equation and you have plenty of protein, fibre & essential minerals... not to mention that seductive sweet caramel aroma... mmmm... it’s the mesquite combined with the dates that give this recipe its moreish caramel taste!!

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Fig & Lemon with Lucuma

Organic white figs for their wonderful sweet taste & digestive aid, phytonutrients, antioxidants... Whole dried lemons for all their amazing properties – anti-bacterial, anti-viral, immune boosting, digestive and weight-loss aid... and a dash of Lucuma for extra immune-boosting vitamins & fibre.   But honestly, I think most people grab these because they love the taste & texture!!

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