cafe menu SEPTEMBER 2019

We have created a little range of food products for folks who want to enjoy wonderful flavours of what they eat but also know that every mouthful is nourishing and providing them with all they need for great health...  not to mention plenty of energy to do all those things they dream of!  So many of us pack so much into our days that finding time to make all our our food from basic ingredients seems tough, so in the Plenty kitchen we are busy preparing tasty options which you can 'grab & go'... it's fast food that won't slow you down!!

  • Everything we make is from pure, raw wholefood ingredients, free from artificial additives.

  • We use no ingredients in our kitchen which contain gluten, preferring seeds such as buckwheat, quinoa, amarynth & pepitas as satisfying grain alternatives.

  • We say 'NO' to cane sugar and are sparing in our use of low GI, minimally processed sweeteners such as coconut palm sugar & nectar, dates, raw honey & agave syrup.

  • We include no dairy products but love to use nuts & young coconut to make delicious milks, butters & cheeses... and those creamy cakes, of course!

  • We use organic products as much as we can given availability and reasonable pricing... we also like to keep it local and use a lot of local stuff which is spray free from small producers. We love to get tip offs from folks in the community who know '...a guy down the road with some awesome orange trees!'

  • Nutrient density is what we always aim for, so we add superfoods wherever we can... super greens like AFA, chlorella, spirulina.... the red & purple berries.... chia, of course, all those amazing coconut products!! See our superfood page for more information & links.

Raw pizza