Opening the door to a whole new world of delicious possibilities... this little shop of plenty is a place to bring together exciting ingredients with extraordinary health-giving properties and create a selection of of goodies, both sweet & savoury, to give all the pleasure great food can give while charging you with vitality!

Eating plenty of fresh, natural, living foods is key to feeling & looking sensational so we are using wholefoods; fruits, vegetables and other plant ingredients which have been minimally processed... local & organic or spray free. To keep those wonderful natural nutrients alive and intact, we are keeping it mostly raw... but have some gently cooked specials for you too!  All our food is gluten free, dairy free and free from cane sugar – using natural, low GI alternatives, not only for those living with intolerances, but for anyone who wants to live long & feel great!!

Thursday 19: 8am - 10am

Coffee, smoothies, cabinet foods.
Kitchen Closed

Monday & Tuesday 7am - 2pm
AM menu & cabinet food only. Kitchen closes at 12 noon.
Wednesday & Thursday 7am - 3:30pm
AM menu til noon, PM menu til 2:30pm
Friday & Saturday 7am - 10pm
AM menu til noon, PM menu til 9pm
Sunday 8am - 4pm
AM menu til noon, PM menu til 2:30pm

Some dishes from our PM menu